This past month we asked our own Delta Phi Lambda alumnae to take some time to provide their words of wisdom for our undergraduate sisters. We hope these tidbits of advice help you as you embark on your next journey in the new year.

“I wish I had kept my options much more open, not considering loved ones I might be leaving behind. Family will always be there, but if there’s a certain significant other who’s holding you back, you better be strong-willed enough to do the right thing for you while you’re young, while you still can. Don’t settle – although if you take one route, there may always be a detour up ahead, so keep your eyes peeled!”- Savitre “Rapture” Geeratisoontorn

“To my undergraduate sisters, I could tell you to put yourselves out there, be bigger parts of the community and advocate your passions… but chances are, as sisters of Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Incorporated, y’all already do. So here is my piece of undying advice: NEVER LET ANYONE TELL YOU THERE IS SOMETHING YOU CANNOT DO. Y’all have already beaten the odds… less than 7 percent of the United States population will attend college this year and less than 3 percent of the United States population is involved Greek life. To be a Dedicated Female Leader, you must first be dedicated to your self-worth.”Linh “Artistry” Huynh

“Self care is extremely important. As you navigate through undergrad, you’ll often feel that you’re being pulled in a million directions. Well here’s what I’ve learned –  there is nothing wrong with doing less. Slow down the multi-tasking and breathe! Ever notice how cramming for a test never equals an easy A? Likewise, tacking on tons of events and to-do’s into one week won’t make you an outstanding sister or chapter. When you burn yourself or the chapter out, sisterhood diminishes greatly. Everyone accomplishes less feeling exhausted. Self care means taking an hour to talk to a sister about what’s really going on or taking a weekend to relax with family and friends. Wear our letters with pride… just don’t let them wear you out.”Huong “Ambrosia” Phan

“I wish I knew how to be more laid back when I was in college. When a problem arose, I tended to focus more on the problem than a solution and that led to a lot of unnecessary worrying and stress. Being in college can bring bad grades, sad breakups, and empty bank accounts, but just shrug it off and keep it moving. Life goes on and so can you.” Nyla “Prevail” Lieu

“One big thing I wish I knew as an undergrad is that there is no need to rush. We often get caught up in life and think “I HAVE to graduate in four years,” “I HAVE to be in a relationship by this time,” “I HAVE to have the perfect job before I’m X years old,” when in fact there is no universal life plan. Each of our paths are unique, and sometimes clarity of our own path comes with appreciating what we have, taking the time to clear our minds, and simply enjoy living in the here and now.” – Jennifer “Salomé” Albesa