By May “Mosaic” Advincula, Editor-in-chief

Victoria “Juicy” Huynh, an alumna from the Mu Class at the University of Georgia, works as a program coordinator and domestic violence advocate for the Center for Pan Asian Community Services in Atlanta. Huynh currently serves as the Vice President of Internal Affairs for National Board and is responsible for developing and implementing educational and leadership programs for new members, and planning national projects, programs and services that carry out the sorority’s mission and goals. She also oversees the Mission Coordinator and Affiliate Member Coordinator and serves as the liaison between National Board and chapters who host a national or regional event.

In this Q&A Huynh reveals how her passion for philanthropy and community service inspired her to become a National Board member and what continues to motivate her during her term.

Victoria Huynh, Vice President of Internal Affairs


What inspired you to be involved with National Board?

“As an undergraduate, I was always passionate about philanthropy and community service and wanted to take my passion to the next level. Along with the prestige of being on national board, I wanted to have an opportunity to create programs and events specifically for our sorority and give back to the sorority that gave me so much.”

What has helped prepare you to handle the responsibilities of your position?

“My undergraduate experiences at the University of Georgia and the leadership positions I have held at Alpha Chapter.”

 What do you find to be the most rewarding aspect of your position?

“The most rewarding aspect of being on National Board is your ability to note all the changes and realize the growth of the sorority as a whole. Once you can recognize and see the bigger picture of ALL the accomplishments we have achieved as a whole, it just makes me even prouder to be a sister of Delta Phi Lambda.”

Who/What is your inspiration?

“To be honest, my inspiration comes from the 26 affiliates (including my little) I helped to cross into our sisterhood. When I see their struggles and accomplishments, it just makes me want to work harder to make their undergraduate experience even more enjoyable and meaningful.”

What do you hope to accomplish in your term?

“When my term is completed, I would hope to have positively affected the climate of our sorority. Through the programming, style of implementation, and planning that I have been involved with, I hope that sisters see that changes are occurring and that there is, whether major or gradual, growth in the direction that we all want.”

What advice would you give sisters who aspire to be a part of NB one day?

“I would strongly encourage sisters to take on leadership positions within their respective chapters and on their respective campuses prior to applying for National Board. I would also encourage new alumnae to fully adjust to their life after college prior to applying. It is certainly possible to balance entering the workforce, transitioning to their post-college life, and sorority.”