By May “Mosaic” Advincula, Editor-in-chief

Alison "Royale" Kao, Vice President of Finance

Alison “Royale” Kao, Vice President of Finance

Alison “Royale” Kao is an alumna from the Formidable Five Charter Class at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She currently works as a product manager in supply chain finance at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and is currently serving her second term as Vice President of Finance.

Her duties primarily consist of maintaining all sorority financial records and managing the national insurance account. In addition, she is responsible for operating the national Delta Phi Lambda store, creating and maintaining the national budget and serving as an adviser to chapters regarding financial obligations.

In this Q&A, Kao shares how sisters can utilize their skills and talents to give back to the sorority beyond your undergraduate years.

What inspired you to be involved with National Board?

“[I wanted] to make a difference in the sorority and the greater fraternal community. I wanted to be a charter at my university to provide an opportunity for collegiate women to be a part of Delta Phi Lambda, andto further enhance their education via the sorority. That can only happen as long as the national sorority continues to grow, expand and flourish. Thus, following completion of my undergraduate career, I decided to continue to contribute by becoming a member of National Board.”

What has helped prepare you to handle the responsibilities of your

“Learning business acumen within my positions held at my company, observing others in their work to apply to the VP Finance position,being able to continuously adapt to the environment, members of National Board (as terms change); and be actively aware of the industry trends.”

What do you find to be the most rewarding aspect of your position?

“Being able to potentially provide value to the sorority beyond undergraduate terms. Also working with such a talented and diverse board allows the national sorority and myself to continually grow.”

What do you find to be most challenging aspect of your position?

“The balance of contributing to the sorority on a volunteer basis and work/personal life.”

Who/What is your inspiration?

“All the sisters who have served the national sorority before me from committee members, executive board members, governors, alumnae, etc. as they have made time in their lives to selflessly give to the organization. Each and every person made and currently makes a commitment to benefit the sorority as a whole. The faith in each sister that resonates in every motion made for the greater good.”

What do you hope to accomplish in your term?

“Provide a start to a financially sustainable future by building a foundation that can support an ever-flourishing organization.”

What advice would you give sisters who aspire to be a part of NB one

“Think beyond one sister, one chapter or one city, and of the bigger picture. Always take what you learn from life, the workplace and others to utilize in your role on NB. As much as the sorority can contribute to your life, experiences you have as you move forward can attribute to the success of the sorority as a whole.”

For questions concerning insurance or national dues, you may contact Kao at: