By Maria “Makana” Thomas, Staff Writer

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall… who’s the fairest of them all?”

This line was spoken by one of the most beautiful Disney princesses in a well-known fairy tale. Whoever said fairy tales don’t come true must not have been a fashionista! We may not have a Prince Charming, a tiara or a castle, but we do have a magic mirror. And that’s a start, right?

Upscale retail clothing stores, like Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, have unveiled a virtual fitting room (the answers to every girls’ prayers). The virtual fitting room contains a mirror equipped with sensors that are triggered by motion to produce a 360-degree view of a customer trying on clothes. The mirror/video camera can also provide a side-by-side comparison view of multiple outfits. The pixelated technology can capture small elements of movement, such as the wrinkles on a shirt or skirt as it moves.

That’s not all the magic mirror can provide! The videos and pictures are available for shoppers to replay via their own smartphones and to share with their friends.

“Memory Mirror is the only multichannel retail technology that makes trying on clothes digital, interactive, and social,” said Salvador Nissi Vilcovsky, founder and CEO of MemoMi, in a press release. “Since Memory Mirror ‘remembers’ each customer interaction, it not only allows fashion retailers to provide an exciting in-store, web, and mobile shopping experience but to collect valuable data on customer behaviors and preferences.”

Memory Mirror automatically captures opt-in data on body measurements, fit, and purchases for each shopper at the SKU-level, providing insights into a customer’s unique style and purchase preferences

The Memory Mirror was created by MemoMi, a California-based company in conjunction with Neiman Marcus. Its focus was to use innovative technology to attract and intrigue the customers, which consists of 80-percent women.  Neiman Marcus President John Koryl said on a CBS online video that the company is “constantly looking for new innovations that would appeal to our customer and really make the store come to life in a different way.”

Koryl said the mirror “also allows the retailer to obtain specific information about who tried on the clothing and who purchased it.”

However, the personal information of the customers using the mirror is anonymous and aggregated.

To view more about this patented magic memory mirror, check out the website at