Dear Readers,

The Jade Times is proud to present three new series this month including culture spotlight, who’s who in NB and helpful how tos.

The cultural spotlight is designed to give you insight into the various elements that make a culture unique. This month we introduce you to Hmong clothing traditions that sometimes can get confused with Chinese, Vietnamese or Thai dress. This article by Li “Chamomile” Moua demonstrates the distinctive elements of Hmong clothing.

The “Who’s Who in NB” series begins with a profile featuring
Hannah “Mocha” Seoh, National Board president. This series is designed for the readership to get to know each sister and their individual contributions to the sorority’s overall mission.

This month we also begin our helpful “How Tos” and focus this month on those sisters heading back to campus. From finding an apartment in a college town to helpful study tips and how to eat healthy on a campus meal plan, you’ll find an array of advice that will help keep you on track.

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May Advincula