By Alexandria “Wisteria” Prejido, Staff writer

Lori Hart

Gamma Chapter was proud to present Dr. Lori Hart Ebert, a pronounced speaker from CAMPUSPEAK, Inc., as the guest speaker for Convention IX.  Lori spoke about leadership, running a sorority and how to make the best of Greek life.

Following a career path in education, Dr. Ebert initially did not plan on being a speaker as she pursued her degrees. In fact, she never took speech classes. Her path in education actually helped her to speak effectively and inspire ideas. For a career, Lori looked forward to work in a college; her spontaneous plan of being a speaker still gave her the work she longed for.

Being actively involved in Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity for 18 years, Dr. Ebert is able to use many experiences of her Greek life and what it meant to lead an organization on campus. Other than her firsthand experiences, she also uses the concept of self-change and stories that involve herself and students to get her points of advice across to the audience.   Dr. Ebert chose to speak on the topic of “Making Greek Great” at Convention. Dr. Ebert feels that Greek life, or any other extracurricular activities, provides many benefits to an individual, such as leadership skills and better relationships. Each year, incoming freshmen wander throughout campus in search of where they are going to“fit in.” It is up to the Greek organizations to recruit the best students and fight the stereotype that fraternities and sororities often have. In order to recruit the best members, Ebert urges Greeks to raise their expectations and be the best that they can be.  She advises that chapters must be well-rounded in knowing the advisers, how things are structured and work, etc. Therefore, a chapter is able to use its best resources effectively and be successful as a whole.