By Eraina “Zodiac” Smith, Staff Writer

Outside, the sky was clouded and gray, but inside the University of West Florida Conference Center was bright and colorful. Sisters at the University of West Florida hosted their second annual Sakura Festival last Friday with an array of performances, contests, and activities.

Before the festival began, people lined up at the doors for the free food. Six Kids Store Super Deli and Shanghai Buffet catered, offering many options to pick from.

“The food was so good I went back for seconds,” Jeremy Wargo, a West Florida student, said.

Many spectators came to the food booth for seconds, while others went back for thirds. Some individuals asked who catered.

Not only did people enjoy the food, but they were able to watch performances and participate in contests, from break dance performance to ramen eating contests.

“My favorite performance was done by Break Dance Society because it was dynamic and riveting,” Bethany Ryan, a West Florida sister, said.

Performances varied from break dancing to the more cultural Japanese dance performed by the Japanese American Society (JAS). Sisters, performed a dance to a K-Pop medley inspired by groups like Twice and Got7.

The eating contest contained two rounds of ramen. The first round was for men; the second, for women. The contestants raced against each other to see who could finish the bowl of spicy ramen first. The contestants who won were given a gift card to the yogurt shop, Wild Honey.

The performances and contests were not the only thing occurring during the festival. Booths were set up in the back of the conference center, and people could take part in various activities.

“There was a good variety of activities that were engaging,” Jennifer Conrad, an attendee, said.

One booth taught people how to make origami. Another booth hosted a hula hoop competition. An easter egg hunt was planned for kids, and if kids found an egg with a ticket, he or she would receive an easter basket filled with candies.

The atmosphere of the festival was filled with bright expressions, which contrasted the weather outside. The festival was well received. People not only enjoyed the free food but also the performances, contests, and booths.


Featured Image: Special to The Jade Times