New policy on unrecognized organizations

National Board has released a new policy on unrecognized groups in response to recent incidents and concerns from University officials about unrecognized or “underground” groups on their campuses.  These groups not only disregard University procedures and policies, but have blatant disregard for the fact that is it an organization’s privilege, not a right, to be present on a campus.  Unrecognized groups are a liability not only to themselves and the school, but also to others that associate with them.  We encourage all chapters to talk with their Fraternity and Sorority Life Advisors to find out which groups are recognized by their University.

National dues restructured

Due to termination of our current insurance policy, National Board has been shopping around for a new insurance carrier.  The best rate we have found was almost a 200% increase in our current insurance expense.  Because of this, National Board has researched other organizations’ dues structures to come up with the most equitable plan based on our current chapter and membership size.  Because of this, many chapters will see a large increase in the amount of their dues required by their chapter; however, by raising each member’s chapters dues, we believe each chapter will be able to sufficiently cover the costs required of them.  We would like to remind all sisters that fraternal organizations operate chiefly with money raised by member dues.  Any questions can be directed to

Association of Fraternity & Sorority Advisors (AFA) Annual Meeting boycott

Many discussions are taking place currently among the AFA members because the Annual Meeting is slated for Phoenix, Ariz. this December.  This Annual Meeting is the primary professional development for officers of Delta Phi Lambda and many other University and organization’s headquarters staff.  Because of backlash against Arizona SB 1070, many organizations are calling for AFA to move their meeting and even stated that they will not be sending any members to Phoenix.  Alpha Phi Alpha has moved their convention to Las Vegas.  Sigma Lambda Beta, Lambda Theta Phi and Iota Phi Alpha will not be sending members to Phoenix.  The National APIA Panhellenic Association (NAPA) is currently in talks about whether we too should release such a statement.  Please send any comments or concerns you have about Arizona SB 1070 to

Elections Results

National Board would like to announce this year’s 2010-2011 National Board Executive and Chair Members. Please congratulate our new or returning National Board members.

President (2009-2011): Hannah Seoh

Vice President of Internal Affairs (2009-2011): Victoria Huynh

Vice President of External Affairs (2009-2011): Lillie Madali

Vice President of Finance (2010-2012): Alison Kao

Vice President of Records (2010-2012): Wilma Miranda

Midwest Governor (2010-2011): Jennifer Chui

Southeast Governor (2010-2011): Open for appointment

Mission Coordinator (2010-2011): Amanda Supratanapongse

Alumnae Director (2010-2011): Alyssa Soluren

Webmistress (2010-2011): Wilma Miranda

Affiliate Member Coordinator (2010-2011): Open for appointment