By Whitney “Airyn” Newton, Staff Writer

“Imagine if we could help women open doors and break through ceilings by connecting them to scholarships, inspiring people, and energizing experiences.” These words flash across the screen accompanying a powerful photo of sister Mai Vang on Delta Phi Lambda Foundation’s (“Foundation”) website. The Foundation, which completely runs on donations, serves to fund scholarships, support philanthropic endeavors and promote leadership education.

The idea of the Foundation began in 2008 when the then Vice President of External Affairs, Huong Van, and Alumnae Directors, Dipika Joshi and Jocelyn Nava, raised $2,380.50 to establish a scholarship foundation and alumnae association. The Foundation continued to gain momentum, and on Dec. 22, 2010, the then Vice President of External Affairs Lillie Madali incorporated Delta Phi Lambda Foundation, Inc. Shortly after, the Foundation awarded its first scholarships to five sisters for them to attend the 2011 Midyear Leadership Conference in St. Louis. The Foundation expanded even more in 2013 with the establishment of the Hannah Seoh Alumnae Scholarship, created from donations made in honor of former President Hannah Seoh for her ten years of service to the sorority’s national board.

This year the Foundation continues to evolve, announcing the creation of a Board of Directors (“BOD”) in March 2017.

“The work that the Foundation does is too important to live within a few,” said Madali, current Executive Director of the Foundation, when asked about why it was time to expand. “With the rise in college tuition and the scarcity of scholarships for minority women, the Foundation has got to work harder to serve the emerging leaders of Delta Phi Lambda Sorority. We have got to increase our scholarship funds and increase the number of opportunities for leadership development. This task is not going to be accomplished by one woman alone – we need a team of Dedicated Female Leaders.”

The new BOD team comes from diverse geographies and experiences, but they have a common commitment to serve Delta Phi Lambda. The team has been working to prepare for two upcoming scholarship opportunities that will be accepting applications starting June, with the recipients announced at the sorority’s convention this summer. The BOD is also focused on addressing the challenge of lacking resources to serve at a meaningful level by creating new donor levels, such as the Emerging Leaders Circle for recent graduates, hoping to encourage sisters to contribute to the cause.

Introducing the team behind the newly created BOD:


Board Chair and Executive Director: Lillie “Ivory” Madali

Alpha Chapter Alumna, Fall 2003

Currently works for the City of Atlanta

How do you wish to impact the Sorority through your contributions:

“By giving my time and money, I am giving back to an organization that has made a profound impact on my development as a leader and an empowered woman. I only hope to continue to make the experience that I had, available to sisters of Delta Phi Lambda for years to come.”



Partnership Director: Hannah “Mocha” Seoh

Beta Chapter Alumna, Summer 2002

Currently works for the City of New York

How do you wish to impact the Sorority through your contributions:

“To give back to young women in a meaningful way and set an example for others. ”



Program Director: Nyla “Prevail” Lieu

Alpha Chapter Alumna, Fall 2009

Currently works at the Carl Vinson Institute at UGA

How do you wish to impact the Sorority through your contributions:

“I hope to impact the sorority by helping to provide to the most deserving sisters – those who have excelled academically and have positively impacted their communities, financial assistance to help them achieve their goals. I aspire to measure the impact the foundation has made in these young women’s lives.”



Communications Director: Whitney “Airyn” Newton

Illinois State University Chapter Alumna, Spring 2010

Currently works in telecom technology in Chicago

How do you wish to impact the Sorority through your contributions:

“I hope to raise awareness, create a presence, and bring visibility to the Foundation in order to increase contributions allowing for more scholarship and leadership opportunities for my sisters. As an undergraduate, I was unaware of the existence of the Foundation, and it wasn’t until working with The Jade Times that I truly became aware of what the Foundation is and the opportunities that exist because of it. My hope is to create an environment where all sisters are aware and apart of the opportunities the Foundation provides.”



Development Director: Ann “Borealis” Nguyen

UNC Charlotte Chapter Alumna, Spring 2012

Currently works as a Registered Nurse
How do you wish to impact the Sorority through your contributions:

“To enable women leaders the capacity to reach their potential through education.”

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Article Images: Delta Phi Lambda Foundation

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