By Gaoli “Chamomile” Moua, Staff Writer and Copy Editor

The relationships between Delta Phi Lambda sisters are extraordinary because sisters have grown out of genuinely caring about one another that keep them together and unified for a greater purpose even after college.

Inspired University of Georgia Delta Phi Lambda alums informally gathered over 70 letters to contribute to 99.7 FM’s The Bert Show’s “Big Thank You” project in October.

After listening to the Bert Show on the radio during rush hour, Manida “Sobe” Chinratana became inspired to help and discussed the “Big Thank You” with other UGA alums who agreed to contribute hand-written thank you letters for soldiers abroad for Thanksgiving.

With the Pan Asian Community Service’s 7th annual Together Empowering Asian Americans Walk on October 8, UGA alum and Program Coordinator at CPACS Victoria “Juicy” Huynh helped set up a table for community members to stop by during the TEA Walk to write letters for the project as well.

Meanwhile, “it was cute seeing these kids write thank you and stuff,” Chinratana said.
The Bert Show set a goal of 400,000 letters, one for every soldier abroad, but exceeded that goal when they counted 500,000 letters on October 31.

“No real leader in this,” said Chinratana. “UGA alums keep in touch with each other by their own free will.”