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By Gaoli “Chamomile” Moua, Staff Writer and Copy-Editor

Whether we want to admit it or not, every girl wants to feel good about herself. Luckily, she can use makeup and fashion to help boost her confidence. But with so many trends to pick from, where can she go to find advice for which trends are appropriate for her and how to achieve them?

Fortunately for sisters, we don’t have to look very far to find a makeup guru willing to help out. Known as Xteeener on YouTube, Christine “Jasmine” Nguyen is a University of Georgia alumna who crossed in Fall 2004. She started her YouTube channel in 2006, became a partner thereafter and has had more than 36 million views since.

She may be a sort of celebrity, but Nguyen’s warm-spirited demeanor and natural beauty translates through her YouTube videos, in which she demonstrates how to use products, presents makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, fashion videos and more.

At a young age, Nguyen was restricted from wearing makeup and has since developed a growing interest in it. Nguyen was inspired by other beauty bloggers.

“I thought I would just start filming myself one day. It was a newfound hobby and creative outlet,” Nguyen said. “I think I was just excited to learn so much about something I really enjoyed and I loved putting myself out there to help guide, teach and inspire.”

Even if you have established a comfort level with makeup, there are always tons of new and innovative products to try. It can become very overwhelming. Fret not, because Nguyen offers reviews that can potentially save us consumers time and money.

“I try to balance out the amount of makeup tutorials, how-tos and reviews so that my channel is not flooded with reviews. Many companies often contact me to sponsor my reviews by sending free products for me to try. I pick and choose what I feel my viewers would be interested in and I give honest reviews and opinions on the products,” she said.

Since earning her bachelor’s degree in finance in 2008, Nguyen does makeup on the side, in addition to producing makeup related videos. “I started off freelancing for a makeup and hair service store for a few months and am now freelancing independently. I largely do makeup for weddings, various photo shoots and formal events,” she said.

While building a makeup portfolio, Nguyen has also added modeling to her resume: “The modeling is all in fun since I am often at these shoots to help out with the makeup as well as earn photos for my portfolio. They are great networking opportunities and I have met many talented photographers and people along the way.”

Looking to the future, Nguyen hopes to continue being on YouTube and “to gain much more knowledge and experience in the makeup industry. I would love to advance into doing celebrity makeup and TV and film makeup.”

Fans can follow Nguyen on Twitter at iamxteeener and join the Facebook fan page called “Xteeener’s MUA Page” for updates on upcoming videos, product reviews and her career.

Photo Credit: Matthew M Wong Photography

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