By Aura “Cherish” Reyes, Staff Writer

UCF Iron Chef

Every spring semester, the lovely ladies of Delta Phi Lambda Epsilon Chapter host an event called Iron Chef. The event’s proceeds always go towards a philanthropy. This year, UCF sisters decided to raise money for the sorority’s philanthropy, Best Bones Forever. Since Best Bones Forever is run by the government, they do not accept donations. They referred UCF sisters to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, to which they donated instead of Best Bones Forever.

During the last Iron Chef event, there were eight teams. This year, there were 11 teams competing for a $125 prize. Each team had to create an appetizer, a main entrée and dessert containing the main ingredient, which was coconut. The judges then had to score the meals by creativity, taste and presentation. At the end of the event, Pi Delta Psi took the prize, making this their fourth time winning the competition.