By Emilia “Lavender” Liem, Copy Editor

Thanks to a 13-month-old girl named Miabelle Gillier, the sisters at the University of Cincinnati teamed up with The Icla da Silva Foundation, Circle K International and Kappa Alpha Psi to host a bone marrow drive on April 12.

Miabelle suffers from Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH), a rare, life-threatening disorder of the immune system that mainly affects younger children. Bone marrow produces cells that help fight infections.  In Miabelle’s case, the HLH has spread to her nervous system. She is undergoing chemotherapy twice a week to treat the disease.
The organizations tested volunteers’ saliva to see if they were matches. This was just the stepping stone to finding a bone marrow donor for Miabelle. The Icla da Silva Foundation covered costs for the donation process for volunteers that were matches.