By: May “Mosaic” Advincula, Staff Writer

In a past September edition of The Jade Times, we introduced you to UGA alumna Christine “Jasmine” Nguyen, also known in the YouTube world as make-up artist “Xteeener.”

Recognized for her helpful makeup video tutorials, chic fashion sense and keen instinct for using makeup to enhance natural beauty, Nguyen provided an update about her recent ventures, which included a trip to Paris to develop an eye shadow for the Sigma Beauty Paris Palette.

Check out this exclusive Q&A with this fellow sister and YouTube star:

TJT: What are Sigma Brushes? How did you get involved?
Xteeener: “Sigma Beauty is an online beauty product company that initially started out with and has become very well-known for their high quality and more affordable makeup brushes. Through time, they began developing and producing other beauty products, such as eye shadow palettes. They approached me to do collaborative videos with them, which I upload once a month onto my channel. Next thing I knew, I was invited to go to Paris and partake in the Paris Project.”

TJT: Can you describe for us the structure of the Paris program?
Xteeener: “I, along, with six other YouTube beauty gurus, the owners of Sigma Beauty and their photographer went to Paris for less than a week to experience the city and visit many of the well-known monuments/landmarks there. We were each assigned to one of the landmarks and gained inspiration from them to help create and develop our eye shadows. Our inspired eye shadows were then going to form a larger, all-encompassing makeup palette, which includes eight eye shadows, two blushes, one highlight and two brushes. We all took part in developing the palette as a whole.”

TJT: What was your first impression of Paris when you arrived?
Xteeener: “When we actually started heading into the city I was of course blown away by the beautiful architecture.”

TJT: Where did you find your inspiration for your eye shadow?
Xteeener: “I was assigned to the Notre Dame Cathedral and had my individual photoshoot there.

TJT:  If you could describe your eye shadow in three words, what would they be?
Xteeener: “Shimmering, unique, mysterious.”

TJT:  What was the most rewarding part of the experience?
Xteeener: “Having the opportunity to go to Paris and experience it with other beauty and fashion aficionados was very rewarding in itself. I of course loved being able to create my own eye shadow as well.”

TJT: What was the most challenging part of the experience?
Xteeener: “Actually creating the eye shadows and blush/highlight shades was more challenging than one would think. We had to really sit down and swatch and analyze, reproduce shades and repeat until we were satisfied with the final product.”

TJT:  What advice would you give to other people if they are interested in becoming a make-up artist?
Xteeener: “I would say definitely get out there and practice, whether on test shoots with photographers and models, or freelancing for and assisting other make-up artists. Practice on friends and family and people of all different skin tones and ethnicities. Just like with anything else, you learn and gain so much more when placed in challenging and new situations.”

TJT: What’s up next for you? Any upcoming ventures/collaborations?
Xteeener: “I am currently talking to several networks within YouTube and may join one soon.”

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