By Christine “ECKO” Ho, Staff Writer

Asians have always been referred to as the model minority, with more accomplishments under their belts than any other minority in America. Asians are the brainiest, the most accomplished. However, there is uncommon knowledge that there is a minority to this minority. Just like a coin has two sides, so do Asians.

If anyone has ever watched “Jersey Shore,” they know the show is filled with hormone-ridden unconventional people. Of course, these are the very factors that make it entertaining. Asian people, it seems, has the same entertaining people hiding in its depths.

Korea Town

A show called “K-town,” the Asian version of “Jersey Shore,” has surfaced to make parents gasp and scholars shake their heads. Breaking the model of the model minority, these young adults break every single convention that Asian parents have instilled in their children.

Although their behavior is disagreeable and embarrassing to many Asians, I find it unsurprising. Even the best families have their black sheep. The very fact that Asians are called the model minority is a surefire way to guarantee that a part of the “model minority” would not be, in a word, exemplary. The beginning of the video shows the different facts about Asians and their accomplishments, and yet this handful of Asians has decided to publicize that other side of the coin.

Another prominent group is WongFu Productions. They have stated that they did not start their group with the intentions of “symbolizing the Asians.”

Wong Fu Productions

They make popular videos that not only showcase Asians in their own media, but also the different aspects. Something I think they have succeeded in doing far better than K-Town, is that Asians are just like any other minority or majority. Asians have relationships, Asians have vices, Asians have the very same goals and intentions as everyone else. They do this in a way that is poignant and touching, and humorous most of the time. It is, of course, a different humor than that of “K-Town.”

The two are very different, and both showcase the different sides to Asians. WongFu happens to show the normal side, while “K-Town” shows the wild and crazy side. Every culture is more like a gem, with many sides and facets to it. The media just happens to be uncovering more and more facets of the Asian demographic.


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