By Christina “ICON” Shin. Staff Writer

Happy Thanksgiving! Here are some suggestions for playing games with family and friends today:

Who Am I?

  • Materials Needed:
    • Post-it notes
    • Pen/marker
  • Instructions:
    • Each person writes a name of a famous person on a post-it note, keeping the name secret.
    • Each person then attaches the post-it note on the back of another person.
    • Taking turns, each person asks the group simple, yes-or-no questions to guess the name on their backs. (e.g., Am I a female? Am I alive? Am I a politician?)

Top Drawing

  • Materials Needed:
    • Paper plates
    • Crayons/pens/markers
  • Instructions:
    • Each person is given a paper plate and a writing instrument. You can make it more challenging by using various colors.
    • Each person will place a plate on top of his or her head.
    • One person will come up with instructions on how to draw on the paper plates for everyone else.
      • For example:
        1. Draw a line.
        2. Draw a turkey.
        3. Draw a tree with branches on the right side of the turkey.
        4. Draw leaves on the floor in between the turkey and tree.
        5. Draw a pumpkin on the other side of the tree.
        6. Draw a scarecrow on the left of the turkey.
    • Show and share the drawings.

Where Did the Turkey Lay Its Egg?

  • Materials Needed:
    • 1 hard-boiled egg
  • Instructions:
    • One person (who will portray the farmer) will leave the room while the rest (who will play turkeys) hide the egg.
    • Bring “the farmer” back into the room so he/she can find the egg.
    • The turkeys will gobble louder when the farmer gets closer to the egg, and they’ll gobble quietly when the farmer moves farther away from the egg.

Say What?

  • Instructions:
    • Divide the group into two teams.
    • Each team will think of a word that is the same amount of letters as the number of team members. (e.g., turkey = six people)
    • Each person will say a letter of the word at the same time, and the other team has to guess the word the team is spelling out. For example, one person will say “T,” the next person will say “U” and etc. at the same time.
    • The guessing team can ask the other team to repeat their letters three-five times before guessing the word. The team that guesses the most words wins.

Paper Kisses

  • Materials Needed:
    • A stack of paper
  • Instructions:
    • Cut the paper into several squares.
    • Divide into teams, and stand in a line. Give each team the same amount of paper.
    • Move as much paper by mouth from the first person to the last person on the team.
    • The team that moves all their paper first wins.
    • Watch the game here:

Heads Up!


Featured Image: Pixabay