By Jessica “mae” Xi, Staff Writer

Delta Phi Lambda’s Kappa Chapter hosted its 13th Annual Taste of Asia on Loyola University Chicago’s (Loyola) campus on April 4. Coordinated by cultural chairs Jen “Nysa” La and Dina “raVen” Puthenpurakal, it was a huge hit for both Loyola students and members of the community. Although the event was a collective effort of all sisters, La and Puthenpurakal were the driving forces, and their organizational skills and dedication drew in a crowd of over a hundred.

The event began at 7 p.m., immediately starting off with performances by two groups from the Lane Technical College Preparatory High School. Their Korean club wowed and astonished with fast and amazing Taekwondo moves and Buchaechum-style dance.  Next followed their Vietnamese club, which performed beautiful traditional fan and hat dances that were not only well-coordinated but flawlessly executed. Afterwards, Loyola’s own Korean Student Organization dance groups Twenty and KO/OP showcased their dance skills to some of the top 50 Korean pop songs of the year.

After the performances, sisters served food from different Asia cultures. La and Puthenpurakal arranged for catered dishes from a variety of local restaurants, featuring cuisine from Japan, China, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and India. All of the food was gone by the time the crowd died down. As the event was free, the crowd was encouraged to try new dishes.

Loyola sisters serve food at Taste of Asia.

Loyola sisters serve food at Taste of Asia.

“The room’s capacity wasn’t enough so we had individuals lining up outside the doors and peering in through the glass windows,”  Puthenpurakal recalled, describing Taste of Asia as “an incredible opportunity for sisters to really fulfill our mission of spreading Asian awareness.”

Sisters gave out maps of the room called “Passports to Asia” to show where each dish was located, which includes facts about the country of origin of each dish. There was also a “world map activity” where guests would mark the countries they or their ethnicities were from. La and Puthenpurakal also showed a video, prepared by Susie ‘Amerie’ Lee, of sisters greeting guests in their ethnic languages.

The 13th Annual Taste of Asia at Loyola was a resounding success, with a crowd bigger than ever before. Next year, the cultural chairs hope that it will be even bigger and continue to serve the sorority’s mission of spreading Asian awareness to the greater community.


Featured and Article Images: Special to The Jade Times