Sunday | December 16, 2018

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Jackie Chu1
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Sister Spotlight: Jackie “Premila” Chu

By Victoria “Prakāśa” Yee, Contributing Writer Jackie “Premila” Chu was born in Philadelphia, but spent most of her life in

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AFLV Central/NBGLC Student Scholarship Open For Application

By Whitney “Airyn” Newton, Staff Writer Delta Phi Lambda Foundation’s 2018 AFLV Central/NBGLC Student Scholarship is now open for application.

GSU Strolling
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Delta Phi Lambda’s History of Strolling

By Xiomara “LunarIx” Santana, Staff Writer For this article, The Jade Times interviewed sisters Lillie Madali and Maria S. Jaochico,

Line Jacket Feature
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Ask A Sister: What Makes Your Line Jacket Special?

By Xiomara “LunarIx” Santana, Staff Writer The history of line jackets can be traced to the historically African American fraternities and

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Ask A Sister: How Do You Explain Delta Phi Lambda To Your Parents?

By Xiomara “LunarIx” Santana, Staff Writer Greek life has many benefits; it allows us to become part of a bigger

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AFLV Spotlights Scholarship Recipients

By Kristine “Aster” Medina, Assistant Editor Three sisters were acknowledged for being awarded leadership education scholarships at Friday’s affiliation luncheon