Friday | October 19, 2018

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Featured, Sisterhood Photo of the Month

February 2018: Sisterhood Photo of the Month

July Sisterhood Photo 2
Featured, Sisterhood Photo of the Month

July 2017: Sisterhood Photo of the Month

Ask A Sister, Featured

Ask A Sister: How Do You Explain Delta Phi Lambda To Your Parents?

By Xiomara “LunarIx” Santana, Staff Writer Greek life has many benefits; it allows us to become part of a bigger

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Thanksgiving: A Day for Gratitude and Games

By Christina “ICON” Shin. Staff Writer Happy Thanksgiving! Here are some suggestions for playing games with family and friends today:

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Iowa State Leaves Lasting Legacies

By Houa “Manifesto” Vang, Staff Writer Legacy: a daughter, sister or granddaughter of an initiated member of a sorority. The

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Adoption Awareness: The Common Misconceptions & Myths

By Jenna “Eviana” Bradshaw, Staff Writer Did you happen to see any pictures with a smiley face drawn on someone’s

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Cultural Spotlight: Zinnia’s Muslim Holiday Musings

By Nazia “Zinnia” Khan, Contributing Writer Many holidays are not observed in Islam, but the few that we have, we