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Words of Wisdom
Fraternity & Sorority Life

Words of Wisdom

This past month we asked our own Delta Phi Lambda alumnae to take some time to provide their words of

Susan Nguyen
Delta Phi Lambda

Sister of the Year 2012: Susan "Aura" Nguyen

By Kristine “Aster” Medina, Staff Writer This sister goes about her daily life making as many connections as she can

GVSU 2012 Convention

Iota chapter, Jade Award 2012

By Kristine “Aster” Medina, Staff Writer Grand Valley State University was lettered as Iota and awarded the Jade Award at

Jennifer Tsai

Academic Excellence Award 2012: Jennifer “d.E.lux” Tsai

By Oanhie “Shinsen” Pham, Editor-in-chief As a sister of Delta Phi Lambda, Jennifer “d.E.lux” Tsai knows academic excellence is important.