By Oanhie “Shinsen” Pham

For many people, the beginning of a new year means having new goals. While some may create simple goals, others create high expectations of themselves. Steps in achieving goals, big or small, are different for everyone, but if one finds it difficult keeping them throughout the year, here are some ways to help tackle new year’s resolutions and conquer 2015.

While resolutions are different from person to person, some things to note include creating benchmarks, sharing goals with others, revisiting the progress made and remembering that goals can be fun.

By creating benchmarks, one can accomplish smaller steps and see why it is (or is not) working so far. That way, the next step can be adjusted if necessary. For example, a resolution may be to eat healthier. Instead of forgoing all sweets and creating weekly meal plans right away, start smaller. Replace dessert with a healthier item one enjoys (such as fruit or yogurt) instead of seeing diet as a form of punishment, suggests the American Psychological Association’s website. From there, one can modify the next steps toward the ultimate goal.

Another tip is to share goals and accomplishments with others. Sharing one’s experiences may inspire others to keep their goals, and having similar goals as others can make resolutions easier and enjoyable.

“Life gets at you,” said Chee Ia “I.M.P.A.C.T.” Yang, who is from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. “It can be overwhelming and exhausting at times, and that’s why my new year’s resolution is to incorporate more self-care in my life.”

Yang said although she did not have a great start, she plans to keep herself accountable by cooking more for herself, learning to meditate and surrounding herself with strong women who are invested in her success and well-being.

In addition to traveling more and trying more exciting,new foods, Maria “Makana” Thomas of Eta chapter said she wants to participate in more volunteer opportunities, including those sponsored by her chapter. She also said she wants to manage her debt, repay her student loans, purchase a new home and get married in 2016.

“I plan on keeping these resolutions by reminding myself daily with motivational quotes and surrounding myself with individuals who have similar goals,” Thomas said. “We can inspire each other.”

With a new year comes new responsibilities and changes in daily schedules. Responsibilities may make scheduling time for anything fun a challenge.

Lu “Accent” Xie of Beta chapter said that due to sisters’ busy schedules, it is hard to find time to hang out with each other. Xie stated that her resolution for 2015 is to use every possible chance to spend time with them.

Making time for others is a resolution some people may have. Try scheduling a short lunch date with a loved one, even if it might not be the usual lunchtime for each person. It may help make one’s day better by socializing with a loved one, even if it is just a 15-minute break.

Resolutions may take the whole year to achieve, but knowing its progress may help one realize it sooner. According to Entrepreneur’s website, checking in on one’s goals once a month can help assess the progress made so far. Ask questions (such as “What have I done this past month to fulfill my goal?”) and jot down what to do for next month to help accomplish the goal.

Keeping New Year’s resolutions throughout the year may be tough, but remember to take small steps first. The finish line will be just around the corner.