By Kristine “Aster” Medina, Assistant Editor

Although Halloween is well over, sugary cravings may not be. When stores offered their leftover Halloween goodies for a generous percentage off the original prices, some consumers most likely stocked up on their favorites for a fraction of the cost. Shortly after (or even as soon as shelving space allowed it), Christmas-themed candies arrived to take over their place on the shelves. With the holiday season around, it might not be so easy to pass along the bowl of candies without grabbing a few of them yourself.

Top-selling treats in the USA include Snickers, Reese’s Chocolatespeanut butter cups and Kit Kat bars. One serving of Reese’s or Kit Kat guarantees the intake of over 200 calories, over 20g of sugar and over 10g of fat. And for only 2 fun-size Snickers bars, 160 calories, 17g of sugar and 8g of fat are consumed.

Although candy is not the first thing that comes to mind when considering health and wellness, a number of treats are out on the market that may ease the guilt of consumption.

For mothers who are worried about their kids’ intake or sisters who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, here is a list of sweets and snacks to bite into without the guilt of gluttony:

  1. Fun-Size Twizzlers Strawberry Twists (kosher, gluten-free, 0g of fat, 0g sugar and 50 calories per package)
  2. Jelly Belly Assorted Flavor Fun-Size Bags (kosher, contains no gelatin, milk, eggs or any other dairy products, peanut-free, gluten-free, 0g of fat and only 4 calories per bean)
  3. Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups (certified organic, 16g of fat and 100 calories per cup)
  4. Fun-Size Peanut M&M’s (gluten-free, 5g of fat and 90 calories per package)
  5. Morinaga Hi-Chew (gluten-free, 4.5g of fat and 210 calories per 10 pieces)
  6. Black Forest Fruit Medley Fruit Snacks (0g of fat, 80 calories per pouch)
  7. Annie’s Bunny Graham Honey Snack Pack (made with organic wheat and no artificial ingredients, 5g of fat and 130 calories per 1 oz serving)
  8. Newman’s Own Organics Pretzel Sticks, Thin (110 calories and 1.5g of fat per serving of 22 pretzels)

But no worries for the individuals who want to indulge once in a while. In the words of Tom and Donna from Parks and Recreation, treat yo’self!