By Lyna “Déjàvu” Cao, Contributing Writer

There is no doubt that one of the most anticipated events sisters look forward to is their regional formal. This year, every single chapter contributed to hosting the Southeast Formal. The Hilton Hotel in downtown Atlanta allowed sisters to explore and enjoy the skyline view while networking and bonding with sisters from UNC Charlotte, Georgia Tech, Emory University, Georgia State University and University of Georgia.

With the help of the formal committee comprised of a select number of sisters, as well as Southeast Governor Lyna “Déjàvu” Cao, formal was truly a success! One sister, in particular, played a key role in the formal’s planning process: Stephanie “Azella” Dang from Georgia State University. Dang went beyond her duties as formal committee chair to visit the venue, meet with the hotel administrators, spearhead the decorations committee, etc. Without Dang’s contribution, the Southeast Formal may not have been as memorable as it was.

Delta Phi Lambda has officially initiated about 50 new sisters throughout the Southeast. Sisters bid farewell and best wishes to graduating seniors as they set to embark on a new journey into “the real world,” hopefully utilizing the leadership experiences they have gained from Delta Phi Lambda. Outstanding sisters were also awarded certificates and trophies that represented how they demonstrated hard work, dedication, and exemplary leadership, adding great value to the success of our respective chapters.

May their light shine forth! Cheers to a new beginning of an Everlasting Sisterhood!

Featured Image: Special to The Jade Times