By Ngoc “Oriflamme” Doan, Contributing Writer

Congratulations to the all the sisters who graduated in Spring 2018! Everyone has different plans for the future which are all unique to them like taking a gap year, rushing towards a career at full force, or just going with the flow. Here are some plans from a few sisters!

Lisa “Centennial” Jemmings celebrates her graduation with family.

Lisa “Centennial” Jemmings from University of Georgia graduated with a degree in Financial Planning and will be working full time at Ayco, a Goldman Sachs Company as a financial analyst. Before she takes off with her career, she will be spending a month in South Korea with her family. In the future, Lisa hopes to open her own financial planning firm to help Asian immigrants adjust to life in the United States. She is passionate about helping the Asian community and understands that the languages, cultures, and laws vary from country to country even within Asia. She wants to provide a resource for the communities that otherwise would not have any.


Amanda “Valentino” Pham

Amanda “Valentino” Pham, also a graduate of the University of Georgia, majored in Biology and Pre-Medical Studies. She aims to become a physician and is studying hard for the MCAT. She plans to apply to medical school in the fall of 2019. While working on her studies, Amanda also works as an ER scribe at Piedmont Athens Regional and volunteers at Mercy Clinic as a scribe as well. Amanda was not always committed to medicine. It was not until she found her job as a scribe when she realized she wanted to dive into the medical world.

Pactra “Σmpyrean” Chab

Pactra “Σmpyrean” Chab from Grand Valley State graduated in Health Information Management with a minor in Healthcare Information Systems. She plans to take the Registered Health Information Administrator exam to be certified. In this field, Pactra has the opportunity to work with patients regarding their medical billings and work in medical information management. Pactra is especially passionate about the cancer field and wants to work with cancer registries and manage cancer data to improve treatments and outcomes. Before she takes off with her career, Pactra plans to go to France to visit family.

Xiomara “Lunarlx” Santana

Xiomara “Lunarlx” Santana from University of Iowa will be taking a gap year before applying for a dual degree in Juris Doctor and Master of Public Health. Originally, Xiomara planned to apply for nursing school, but while writing her personal statement and interests, she realized she mentioned healthcare policies many times and that there was where her true interests lay. She also discovered that ineffectual policies often hindered nurses’ careers. By having a Juris Doctor, she will have a better understanding of the law and be able to promote and create better policies for the healthcare system.


Yasmin “Solana” Azuzena De Anda surrounded by loved ones at her graduation.

Yasmin “Solana” Azuzena De Anda from the University of Iowa will continue to work for the University of Iowa’s Asian Pacific American Cultural Center over the summer. She hopes to serve in the Peace Corp in Ukraine for two years after the summer. She originally pursued Art Education, but when studying abroad, she had the opportunity to teach English so that students could interact with a native English speaker. Yasmin fell in love with teaching English and switched her major. Now, Yasmin would like to go into teaching secondary education English for students. She wants to see different parts of the world and experience different education systems. As of now, Yasmin is excited to travel around the world.

While not all of the sisters who graduated this semester are mentioned here, every sister is embarking on the next journey of their lives. We wish them the best and know that they will do great things. Good luck!

Featured and Article Images: Special to The Jade Times