By Gwen “Staccatö” McMillion, Contributing Writer

How far would you travel to visit your line sisters? A little over 9,000 miles did not seem too far for me.

Sisters in Singapore

Gwen McMillion, Pricilla Kusuma and Nazira Aziz in front of the Merlion in Singapore.

My line, the Xi Class “Scandalous Seven” of the Lambda Chapter, crossed in spring of 2010. My last get-together with my line sisters was five and a half years ago at Purdue University. Shortly after that, four of my line sisters graduated and moved back to their home countries of Malaysia and Indonesia.

I made the trip to Malaysia to see my line sisters this January. I reunited with my line sisters, Farhana “Godiva” Zainal, Amalina “Finesse” Othman, and Nazira “Felicity” Aziz, at Serai Pavailion KL in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Jan. 14.  We caught up over the usual fun conversations, and once again, bonded over our common love for food.

Although our gathering was originally intended as a Xi Class reunion, Qistina “Ailana” Khalid, another Lambda Chapter alumna who crossed in fall of 2013, now also living in Malaysia, was able to join us. I was really glad that she did because she had not had the opportunity to connect with other sisters living in Malaysia until that day.

While in Malaysia, we visited famous attractions, like the Menara Kuala Lumpur, Thean Hou Temple, Batu Cave Temple, Putra Mosque, and the iconic Petronas Twin Towers. Sister Felicity was a wonderful tour guide!

After four, fun-filled days in Malaysia, she and I travelled to Singapore to meet up with our other line sister, Pricilla “Nanaimo” Kusuma, who lives in Indonesia. In Singapore, we saw the Merlion, toured the Indian Heritage Center, walked around the Arab Street area and hung out at Gardens by the Bay.

Durian ice kachang

Durian ice kachang

Not only did I get to visit with my line sisters during my trip, I also fulfilled my cravings for everything durian-flavored: coffee, chocolate, gelato, ice kachang, chendol and of course, fresh durian. My favorite was the durian ice kachang, which is shaved ice filled with red beans, sweet corn and grass jelly topped with durian puree. 

A whirlwind trip to southeast Asia is fun on it’s own, but being able to see my line sisters after many years made it so much more special. Even with the distance, I do believe that Everlasting Sisterhood is not just a coined phrase but a reality for us sisters.


Featured and Article Images: Special to The Jade Times