By Christine “ECKO” Ho, Contributing Writer

As a member of the University of Georgia Delta Phi Lambda Alumnae Chapter, I have come to realize that although it is different from being an undergraduate member, the mission is still the same. We seek to improve the image of the Asian American and empower ourselves and others through our sisterhood. One way to fulfill the mission is through civic engagement.

vote-americaAs members of an Asian-interest sorority, we have an obligation to be a voice for the Asian American community and to be leaders within our communities. Our alumnae chapter has partnered with Center for Pan Asian Community (CPACS), Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAJC) and the undergraduate chapters of the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech and Emory University to reach out to local communities in order to increase the number of and register voters.

Our alumnae chapter has begun a social media campaign that provides facts daily, and we are working to increase voter registration in Georgia. The chapter’s nonpartisan efforts will hopefully encourage people to vote not only in this historical presidential election, but in their local elections. Although our efforts may be focused on the Asian American community, we provide forms and assistance for anyone who is not yet registered to vote. This season is the time that we, as people, can come together to make sure our voices are heard with our government; this means that we want everyone to not only register to vote, but to show up at the polls as well.

We have promoted facts through the campaign that state if a specific number of a population has registered to vote (5 percent or more), then translated voter registration forms will be provided, and if you are in line after polls close, you still have a constitutional right to vote. They cannot turn you away.

We are at the crossroads of one of the most important elections in the history of the United States. If we cannot use our voice now, then when? If our parents feel ignored and unheard, then is now not the best time to use our voice? In this day and age, where we have been progressing in some areas while still regressing and remaining static in others, elections are the time and place to make sure that what we want done for our communities will happen. Our voices matter; it is just a matter if we use them or not. We hope that through our efforts we will enable multiple communities to come together and involve themselves in civic duty.

If there are any sisters that are not yet registered to vote, our alumnae chapter encourages you to do so. It is your constitutional right, and as involved members of this country, you must take advantage of it. If you live in the state of Georgia, please use the following link to register to vote:

You can check to see if you are registered already in the state of Georgia by using this link:

The following links are resources you can use if you live in any state in the United States:

You can also simply Google your state and “voter registration” (i.e. “Colorado, voter registration”), and the requirements and forms for your state should be first among the results.


If sisters have any questions regarding elections, please feel free to reach out to any sisters from our alumnae chapter via social media. Questions will be answered promptly. On Facebook, find us by searching “UGA DPhiL Alumnae Chapter.” On Twitter and Instagram, our handle is @ugadflalumnae. Or you can email questions directly to me at

As Dedicated Female Leaders, we urge and implore everyone to register to vote. Election day is Nov. 8. Please vote and use your influence, your power and your voice.



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