By Jessie “Decipher” Kim, Staff Writer

University of Georgia’s Delta Phi Lambda had an open discussion about cultural feminism on its campus Feb. 10.

Cultural Feminism

Alpha chapter hosted a seminar on feminism at the University of Georgia on Feb. 10.

Ayah “Retaliate” Musa began the seminar by defining feminism as žthe advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. The history of feminism and the three waves of feminism were reviewed.

Musa discussed some stereotypes that the general public had about females who identified themselves as a feminist. For example, žall feminists are vegans, feminists hate men, all feminists are women, etc. Magazine articles showed that some celebrities view being identified as a feminist in a bad light and a discussion of why they may not want to be associated with feminism was discussed.

Statistics displaying the inequality between men and women were reviewed. One such statistic discussed was by the time a women has reached 60 years of age they have made less than $450,000 compared to their male counterparts with the same job. A newspaper comic clipping was displayed, and it depicted how women themselves may not consider definitions outside of their own.

In the last fifteen minutes of the seminar, a Ted Talk video about author Roxane Gay and being a bad feminist. Gay encouraged acceptance of universal interpretations of feminism. Feminism can be interpreted by anyone in vastly different ways, whether by men or women. The interpretation is up to the individual.


See Gay’s talk about feminism in the following video:


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