[left to right: Karen ‘Wasabi’ Chang, Lisa ‘Nala’ Kim, Hitomi ‘Taz’ Tsukioka, Rachel ‘Solei’ Bellendir, Marissa ‘Starlet’ Ambrosio, Sena ‘Bubbles’ Kim, Kristin ‘Pyxis’ Remolana, Jean ‘Haiku’ Baeg, Kristen ‘Blossom’ Lee, Eriko ‘Rocher’ Matsubara and Boh ‘Chrysalis’ Song]

It is important to keep the connections with our alumnae. Even though they are no longer by our sides, they are still the same sisters that we loved and depended upon. Furthermore, they are crucial links to the history of our chapters. In this photo, the sisters of Illinois State University demonstrate that the bonds in our sorority do not break after graduation.

By: Amy “Ancaria” Li, Staff Writer