By Taylor “myrina” Yang, Staff Writer

Tiffany “Lavenia” Yim, an alumna from the Kappa Chapter of Delta Phi Lambda at Loyola University Chicago, was awarded the Hannah Seoh Alumnae Scholarship this year.  She came to Loyola as a third-year transfer student.

“Joining DPhiL was the best and most important decision I made,” Yim said.  “Being in a sorority brought on a lot of responsibilities but also brought immeasurable joy into my life.  My undergraduate career would have been materially different had I not been supported and loved by my sisters.”    

After graduating, she enrolled into law school at Loyola.  She is currently a third-year law student and has accepted a post-graduation job offer to work at  an employment and labor law firm.  

Although Yim is busy with school and work, she is still able to stay in touch with sisters.  She found out that there was a scholarship available, the Hannah Seoh Alumnae scholarship.  

She needed financial assistance to move forward in her pro bono work, which is what inspired her to apply for the scholarship.   Yim’s application focused on her activities and accomplishments in law school and what she plans to accomplish.

She said she plans to use the scholarship funds toward her tuition so that she can “better serve the Elder Abuse Restraining Orders Clinic.”  

Yim’s future goals are to practice as an attorney and to balance time for friends, work, and hobbies.  After obtaining her law degree, she hopes to continue inspiring sisters.

“One, always look forward,” she said in giving advice to dedicated female leaders.  “Even when things or people are in the way of your goals, always look forward and persevere.  Two, cherish the time you have in the sorority and keep in contact with sisters for the rest of your life.”

Featured Image: Special to The Jade Times