By Xiomara “LunarIx” Santana, Staff Writer

Integrity, confidence and vision are just a few of the main characteristics Tiffanie “Grace” Duong practices every day. Throughout her undergraduate career, she has been persistent and determined to accomplish great things. During her freshmen year, Duong joined Delta Phi Lambda at the University of Iowa in the fall of 2014.

Since then, she has dedicated herself endlessly by taking leadership position within the sorority. Aside from contributing and dedicating herself to our sorority, Duong has been taking multiple leadership roles in Iowa’s Multicultural Greek Council (MGC). Since January 2016, she has been the vice president of operations and vice president of finance. During her terms, she has been responsible for coordinating performances, assessing finances and making executive decisions.

Lisa “Empress” Thai, Duong’s affiliate member educator, has witnessed her selflessness, perseverance and leadership in the past couple years.

“She has overcome many challenges—having a mental disability, struggling academically and restructuring the Multicultural Greek Council—but that has not stopped her from accomplishing her goals both personally and academically while still giving backing to the Greek community,” Thai said. “I’m proud to call her my sister, my friend and my kid. She is what a true Dedicated Female Leader represents.”

Cathy “Inspire” Vanhxay, another Iowa sister, agrees with Thai and is also proud of Duong and her accomplishments.

“There is so much to say about Tiffanie that it’s difficult to narrow down,” Vanhxay said. “She is constantly pushing through adversity and has overcome a lot of obstacles through the past few years I’ve known her.”

Last summer, Duong temporarily served as interim president of MGC to resolve internal issues within the organization. She will officially resume her position as the president of the MGC at Iowa in January.

Windy “CalytriX” Nguyen, her little sister, admires Duong’s drive and determination.

“For someone who can put countless of hours into her school work, let alone serve as our very own Multicultural Greek Council President, I could not be any more pleased to be her little in DFL,” Nguyen said. “Following in her footsteps of becoming a leader is one of the many things I strive to learn from her.”


Featured Image: Timothy Kelly