By Soomin “Arden” Jeon, Staff Writer

Growing up as a confident yet introverted individual, Stephanie “Azella” Dang sought ways to be “pushed out of her comfort zone”. Ever since joining Delta Phi Lambda’s Everlasting Sisterhood, she did just that. She is a sister from Georgia State University who crossed in the fall of 2014.

From completing positions such as recruitment chair to organizing the 2017 Southeast Formal, even hosting an internship and resume-building workshop in collaboration with the Department of Sociology, Dang show has showed dedication to her sorority. She even donated over $300 to the American Bone Health Charity in efforts to support our national philanthropy, osteoporosis.

With a passion for human resources as a recruiter, Dang is currently employed at Hi-Rez Studios, located in Alpharetta, Georgia. As a full-time recruiter with a 40-plus-hour work week, she oversees employees, trains managers, conducts interviews, and works closely with the director of HR and the HR manager.

“It’s definitely a fun job that I enjoy, and I don’t really see it as work,” Dang said.

Dang exhibits the qualities of a dedicated female leader while tackling sorority duties, academics, and a full-time job.

“It was definitely exciting and overwhelming,but this year has been a learning experience, and I wouldn’t change anything,” Dang said.

After graduating with a degree in sociology, she hopes to inspire sisters “to aim for their goals and to not give up!” She believes “experiences” and “opportunities” given through the sorority and business world has “helped her grow as an individual.” More importantly, Delta Phi Lambda has shown her the true meaning of Everlasting Sisterhood.

Her favorite motto by Dr. Seuss states: “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

Featured Image: Special to The Jade Times