For this edition of Sister Spotlight, The Jade Times profiles each Board of Directors candidate for a series of articles covering the 2016 election. Delta Phi Lambda’s election presentation will be held at the national convention this Saturday at Queens College in New York. Prior to each chapter casting its vote, the newsletter staff encourages you to seek knowledge about each candidate and her platform during the meet-and-greet session.

By Tamera “EON” Pillay, Staff Writer


Mai Nguyen, candidate for vice president of finance

Mai “Suave” Nguyen is a sister from the University of Central Florida and a candidate for vice president of finance. She works with audit regulators in Jacksonville, Fla. and will graduate with her master’s degree from UCF on Aug. 6.

Nguyen is the finance manager for the national headquarters staff. She works directly with Ann Nguyen, the current vice president of finance, to understand the tricks of the position, like how invoices are paid. In her current position, she has worked extensively with fundraising, sponsorship and treasury.

In 2011, she said she decided to join Delta Phi Lambda because of “the opportunity to build a broader network, develop an everlasting bond with sisters around the nation and make a difference in the community.”

She said she wants and cares about this position because she knows what it is like to be on the other end of this financial sphere, from an undergraduate standpoint. She wants transparency between the national board and the undergraduates. Nguyen wants to be able to see and show where the funds are going, what each chapter has raised, how much revenue is accumulated, what philanthropies are sponsored, etc..

After seeing how undergraduate chapters have struggled, Nguyen wants to be able to help them improve. She wants less confusion and more organization.

“It is hard for us to keep track of everything and be mindful of what his happening when we don’t have a central location of where the funds are going,“ Nguyen said.

One of her ideas is to take advantage of resources outside of our organizations. There are many organizations who have been around for a long time, who have gone through many of these mistakes already and who have advice and methods of working through it. Nguyen wants to use this to our advantage and learn from these organizations. Other ideas are workshops and conference meetings.

In order to be the dedicated female leader that this position needs, Nguyen said it requires passion, drive, taking the initiative to learn and grow (and not just sit back), reaching out to sisters and other organizations to see what you’re doing and what you can do to improve and  help others.



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Article Image: Mai Nguyen