By Tamera “EON” Pillay, Staff Writer

Many people know that the Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values (AFLV) Central/Midyear conference is a great way to gain leadership opportunities and meet other Greeks, but many find it hard to attend even one.

Lisa “Empress” Thai, a University of Iowa charter, pushes past that problem. Since she crossed in the fall of 2012, Thai has attended not one, not two, but three AFLV conferences.

Thai stayed busy this year, as an intern for the conference. As an intern, her responsibilities included helping out with all the logistics of the conference, which ranged from setting up or tearing down audio visual equipment, registration, catering, and special events such as the silent auction and the t-shirt auction. She was also tasked with providing the finest customer service possible to all attendees, professionals, speakers, exhibitors, and fraternity/sorority representatives.

“I believe that AFLV gets bigger and better each year,” Thai said. “This year, we had a record attendance of over 3,200 members registered with over 200 educational sessions, 45 exhibitors, and $35,000 raised for scholarships.”

AFLV exists to stimulate the growth and development of fraternity/sorority councils, chapters, and members by promoting leadership, educational, and values based experiences and resources for student leaders, their advisors, and the larger fraternal market. It is a huge part of most Greek lettered organizations. Fraternity and sorority members attend to gain leadership experience and learn the skills they need to teach their new members to become the apt pupils of their college campuses and their Greek community.

Thai heard about the opportunity through the coordinator for Fraternity and Sorority Life and thought it would be a great opportunity to pursue in order to gain further leadership experience. To apply, there is an application on the AFLV website that assesses your ability to work in teams, leadership experience, and involvement in fraternity and sorority life.

Thai is very passionate about her position and embodies its purpose.

“Having a conference like AFLV is important to the fraternity and sorority life community because a conference that is made up of all fraternity and sorority life members who share the same passion for creating a better community inspires each other to work harder to achieve their goals and aspirations,” she said. “This conference allows for people to connect with one another by helping each other share ideas and network with professionals.”


Featured Image: Jeremy Hu