For this edition of Sister Spotlight, The Jade Times profiles each Board of Directors candidate for a series of articles covering the 2016 election. Delta Phi Lambda’s election presentation will be held at the national convention this Saturday at Queens College in New York. Prior to each chapter casting its vote, the newsletter staff encourages you to seek knowledge about each candidate and her platform during the meet-and-greet session.

By Tamera “EON” Pillay, Staff Writer

Justina Ho

Justina Ho, candidate for vice president of expansion

Justina “Valkyrie” Ho graduated from Emory in 2014 and currently works with Fidelity Investments. She deals with retirement questions, trading and mutual funds in the stock exchange. She has also been working as the director of expansion. Ho is a candidate for vice president of expansion.

“I loved learning about how each school has different processes, learning how our sorority works as a whole, and meeting and getting to know each interest group,” Ho said. “Personally, I want to be vice president of expansion so I can grow in my leadership skills and take on more responsibilities. In addition, I want to continue the progress that the current vice president of expansion, Jennifer Albesa, and I have made and also keep working on spreading our chapters throughout the nation.”

Ho has gained a lot of hands-on experience from Albesa. Ho admires the timelines that are made for chapters in order to reach targeted goals. For example, in two years new chapters should reach a certain number of active sisters and raise a particular amount for the national philanthropy, Osteoporosis awareness. Her goal that she is working towards is a five-year program. Other ideas she has include “helping the new chapters create ideas to increase their campus presence, creating specific goals for fundraising, philanthropy, and the events they hold.”

“I continuously try to learn new things to both challenge myself and to remind myself that there’s always more to learn,” she said. “Professionally, I consistently work on my current position to be the best in my role, while working on the next steps to further progress my career.”

Delta Phi Lambda currently has chapters in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Delaware, Connecticut and New York. The distance presents a disruption in terms of traveling and meeting sisters outside of one’s specific region. Ho wants to work towards sealing those gaps all around, but especially in the northeast where the chapters are more dispersed. She would like to see chapters forming along West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, or Kentucky to close the space between the midwestern, northeastern, and southeastern chapters.

Forming the means for a good sisterhood can be one of the most rewarding and meaningful parts of the sorority, whether it is at your home chapter or with another chapter. Ho says one of her best moments in the sorority was actually a very subtle one as an alumna. She was simply talking to her big sister, Jennifer “Vesper” Vo.

“I have never had a friendship/bond that lasted for years, and one day, while just casually talking to her, I suddenly realized that I have this everlasting bond that I would never have gotten without DPhiL,” she said.

Not only has Ho’s post-graduate positions prepared her for her position, but her undergraduate time, as part of her chapter helped her as well.

“During my time as an undergraduate sister, I learned how to work with multiple groups and organizations due to my experiences in planning events,” she said. “I believe this is an important skill for VP of Expansion because the role requires you to be able to work well with all sorts of people from diverse backgrounds, including the Office of Greek Life advisors, students at interested colleges, active Multicultural Greek Council organizations at the interested schools, interest groups, other sisters on the expansion committee, and more.”

Her undergraduate years, profession and experience being the director of expansion have helped her prepare for the position, but in her free time, she practices Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai, learns recipes, reads finance books and, of course, she has been playing Pokemon Go.


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