By Kirsten “Declare” Daigle, Staff Writer

Jennifer “Impression” Nguyen, alumna from the Alpha Chapter of Delta Phi Lambda, is currently in her third year of optometry school at the Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, Tenn.. Nguyen hopes to get a residency during her fourth year of optometry school in ocular disease to help people not only with eye disease but also people with systemic disease as well, while working alongside doctors and surgeons. Upon graduation, she hopes to become the best optometrist she can be to help serve her community and, later, the world, through volunteer efforts on medical mission trips.  

Although Nguyen is very busy with school work, attending conferences and continually volunteering in her community, her passion for optometry never ceases. Her love for the health profession always exudes through her actions and eagerness to share fun facts about optometry. For instance, did you know, just about every disease affecting the body will show up in the eyeball? In order to help share optometry knowledge to the world, she takes an interest in assisting her professors with research.

As she pursues her future goals and aspirations, Nguyen still exemplifies the seven virtues of the sorority.

“Being a doctoral student in a health professional program, times can be extremely challenging no matter how strong your support system back home is,” said Nguyen. “While I have been pretty independent, working two to three jobs throughout my time at UGA, paying my own bills, and been used to the idea of living paycheck to paycheck, my life past my undergraduate career was nothing like what I was used to. My days are super long filled with lots and lots of school: lectures, learning and practicing new skills, or seeing patients. Each virtue has played a huge part in getting me here, how I am able to do whatever is required of me in the present, and all that I hope to achieve in the future.”

However busy she is, Nguyen makes time to check up on other sisters, as attested to by Janet “Pinnacle” Pham, also from Alpha Chapter.

“She is a very supportive and caring person to be around. Even with her hectic schedule, she stills finds the time to check up on me and always asks how I am doing,” said Pham. “I always enjoy our encounters since her bright personality is always so welcoming and fun to be around.”

With her caring and driven personality, Nguyen is destined for great things through her undying perseverance and passion. Although one’s journey to reaching the designated goal can sometimes face difficult moments, these instances can be surpassed by constant reminders of what glories may present itself in the future.

As she continues her journey through optometry school, Nguyen reminds herself of a quote, “Never regret a day in your life: good days give happiness, bad days give experience, worst days give lessons, and bet days give memories. She explains it is nice to have a reminder of our purpose and that we should not be so hard on ourselves.”

Featured Image: Special to The Jade Times