By Gaoli “Chamomile” Moua, Staff Writer

When Jean “Sistine” An rushed Delta Phi Lambda as a freshman at the University of Georgia in 2005, she was simply excited to make new friends, unaware of how the sorority impact her life or future.

“I had absolutely no idea what sorority, fraternity, or Greek life was before I went to college. Even when I was rushing, I still wasn’t clear of what sorority was … I just went along because the girls were really friendly to me and I loved how they were all very much involved in the Asian community on campus,” An said. She especially enjoyed getting to know the four other girls in her line, with whom she regularly chats with today.

In addition to teaching herself how to play the guitar, playing golf and indulging in other creative hobbies like making hair accessories, An is paying tribute to the relationships she has developed through the sorority as the current director of alumnae relations.

Though An has graduated with a bachelor’s degree in interior design, put in time as an international relations professional in Korea and is now working with an Atlanta interior design firm, the relationships she has created are still on her mind.

“Now that I am an alum, I really want to set an example for our undergraduate sisters — I want to help them with anything that I can — this doesn’t have to be sorority related or anything,” she said.

An hopes to establish a channel of which alumnae can give back to the sorority through interaction with active sisters and developing networking opportunities.

Most sisters experience the same kind of anxiety when approaching graduation — the pressure of finding a job, having the right connections and reassurance of hope for the future. As alumnae, An suggested, “[Alumnae] can be mentors to undergraduate sisters.”

DFL alumnae have careers in all sectors, from private to public, cosmetology to medicine. Though many alumnae are available to provide career advice and professional leads, formal avenues have yet to be established.

An added, “I think a strong foundation for alumnae is needed for our sorority.” Eager to engage alumnae back to the sorority, An is currently putting together a database in which she can use to be the “matchmaker” of undergraduates to alumnae. Alumnae who have not yet updated their information in the Alumnae Directory are asked to do so at their earliest convenience.

While An is gathering updated information from alumnae, there are other opportunities that alumnae can participate in — attending chapter events, meeting other sisters for dinner and joining the regional alumnae stroll teams.