Name: Hailie “Coco” Hyun Young Park

Chapter, class, number: Purdue University, Rho class “Flawless Five” #56

Major: Biology

What got you interested in rushing for DFL?

At first, I just rushed for DFL because [a] friend of mine, Casey “Amuze” Yoo, who later became my big sister (haha), asked me to join recruitment events. I thought it would be great chance to socialize with people inside of campus and actually connecting with people from outside of campus.

How is the neo life so far?

I [went to the] AFLV conference held in St. Louis which actually was the interesting part of being a sister of DPhiL [so far]. One thing that I remembered was the session talking about how to make recruitment events with various types of events. I found it interesting because I underwent difficulties as making schedules. And that night, chapters from other universities had a social with Pi Alpha Phi Fraternity, Inc. and I just want to say it was unforgettable memoryJ

What do you most look forward to this semester as a sister of DFL?

As a sister of DFL, I want to dedicate myself as acknowledging our sorority inside and outside with passion. And I want to get along with my line sisters more and I can’t wait all the times. Also, I want to accumulate lots of money through active fundraising events, as I’m fundraising chair. That’s my goal as a sister.

What are you majoring in for school? Why did you choose that major?

Park is majoring in biology and said she chose it because “When I was in high school, I saw a video which was about [a] new world inside of our body. Actually it looked like a universe outside of earth that I’ve never seen.”

What inspires you?

My mother used to inspire me since I was in high school. Because of her passion as a scientist and pulled her career related to that, I influenced from her woman leadership and choose the same field as her and pursuing a biology major.

What positions in the sorority are you most interested in pursuing and why?

I’m pursuing the VP Finance and Fundraising [position] because I love to plan an event and set up a budgetJ I try to plan a fundraising event at my campus every month with various items so that my sisters from our chapter get involved and build more bonding among sisters.

What achievements do you want to fulfill as a sister?

It’s hard for every sister to take all virtues into action during [their] lives because human beings are not perfect! J So, I want to try as my best to take into action when it comes to seven virtues. Also, I want to make our sorority recognized to others not just inside the states, but to all Asian-interest women who have lights inside of their heart.

yeowL <3

p.s. I want to say thank you and I love you all of my sisters of Purdue University-Colony Chapter and to my bebe #88 Kyonghwan ‘Kicks’ Choe from Alpha Iota chapter of Lambda Phi Epsilon Fraternity <3