Name: Amanda “Elegance” McNally
Chapter, class and number: University of West Florida, Beta Class, “Sparkling Six” #21
Major: Public Relations

How is the neo life so far?
It’s pretty cool! Everyone finds out you’re a neo, they’re excited, I guess. The Divine Nine had a stroll competition. There were three of us [that went]. There was a Greek roll call … I [kicked off] the call. It was pretty cool. I was excited they recognized us. My voice cracked when I yelled!

What do you most look forward to this semester as a sister of DFL?
I’m looking forward to Formal. I get to meet my sisters/syands … it was really exciting during Midyear and Formal’s going to be much bigger.

What’s your favorite hobby that you find yourself doing often?

Listening to music! I always have music in my room constantly or in my car every single day, when I’m getting ready, etc.

Any hidden talents you want to share?

I can remember birthdays really well even without trying or effort.

When you were growing up, what did you wanted to be?

In high school, I really wanted to be a photographer (from 8th grade till senior year). […] Then I decided I don’t want it to be my career anymore in the middle of my senior year.

What inspires you?

The thought of being considered successful. What inspires me to go to school is the outcome of having a degree. Going through school, taking classes I don’t want to take … but it’ll help me get the job I want.
Which DFL virtue do you think you feel most related to?

Honesty, because I think honesty is the best policy. I’ve always lived that way. Even if it sucks for you at the time, you still should be honest anyway. Or dedication. I always commit to things to the end.

What footprints do you wish to leave behind as a sister of DFL? In other words, what achievements do you want to fulfill as a sister?

I want to leave behind how we do things now. I want to teach others who come after me [and to] leave behind the way we do things, [such as] organization, so it can [continue to] be that way (or better). [Also,] funny stories about me or what I did. I like to make people laugh and make them happy.