By Kristine “Aster” Medina, Staff Writer

Susan Nguyen

This sister goes about her daily life making as many connections as she can with other sisters, her family, and her friends by scheduling as many lunch and dinner dates as her schedule allows her. She’s an avid runner, noted by her push for “Running with Aura,” a program she started in her chapter to keep sisters active in exercise. She led the initiative to plan Southeastern Formal last spring.

Susan “Aura” Nguyen, a sister from Emory University and a senior business major, was awarded Sister of the Year during convention weekend in Washington, D.C.

“Overall, it’s a real honor to be awarded and unexpected,” Nguyen said. “I just feel happy for being recognized for the things that I’ve done.”

Annie “Evita” Farrell, Theta Chapter president, nominated Nguyen for her “contagious positive attitude” and “constant willingness” to prioritize their chapter. Farrell didn’t tell Nguyen about her nomination until the day that convention began. The news of her nomination was a big surprise to Nguyen.

When her name was announced for Sister of the Year, Nguyen was still in shock but grateful to be acknowledged.

“At the dinner, when the NB member was reading what I wrote, I mouthed to her,’It’s you!’” Farrell said. “At that point, she started tearing up. She was extremely happy.”

Before crossing over to everlasting sisterhood, Nguyen’s idea of a sorority was very stereotypical. She never saw herself as a sister, but during Nguyen’s sophomore year she met sisters that she felt a true connection with and was sucked in.

Nguyen crossed in fall 2010 as a part of Emory’s Nu class. She is now vice president of recruitment for Theta Chapter. Her goal after graduation is to stay connected with the sisterhood and get a job. Her motto is to live life to its fullest.

“I try to live life with no regrets because it helps shape your future and helps you learn from the mistakes you make,” Nguyen said.