By Jessie “Decipher” Kim, Staff Writer

College students navigate through the maze of essays, dodge bullets of ridiculous exams and narrowly escape the wrath of professors during the first few years of their undergraduate career, but the real question is, “Can graduating seniors survive their last year?”

One underlying difference between the last few years and the final year is that most seniors have been inflicted with a terrible condition, senioritis.

Senioritis is a non-medical epidemic that inflicts seniors with symptoms that cause frantic all-nighters due to lack of studying; frequent glances at your phone because you still don’t know where your classes are and overall laziness. If you’ve never experienced senioritis, pray that you never will because the consequences can be severe. Consequences may include uncharacteristically low grades, failing classes and the most dreaded of alldelayed graduation.

But fear not, this condition is treatable and with the right tools in hand. Once treated, you’ll be walking with your peers come graduation day.

Be organized. Use an agenda to keep tracks of all your deadlines so you don’t ever miss one. It makes it easier to visually see when you have free time or when you have to start working on homework. This will help reduce the frequency of pulling all nighters.

Crystal “Vivacé” Chen, a senior from Alpha Chapter at the University of Georgia, said she has “set dates for pleasure and set dates for job application or job searching.”

Remember why you’re here. You made a decision to attend college at the end of high school, so remind yourself why you made that choice.

“Remind yourself if you want the good life you have to finish strong,” Briana “Collateral” Rice, also a senior from Alpha Chapter said.

Take care of yourself. Senior year, without a doubt, can be stressful when also looking for jobs, applying to graduate school, or participating in internships. All these different factors can lead to higher stress, which negatively affects our health. Getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and exercising more often will all contribute to a better you.

Be responsible. Check your credits and make sure the classes you’re taking count towards your degree and that you are graduating as expected. You don’t want any suprises when spring semester rolls around.

Enjoy the time you have left. Make a bucket list of things to do before you graduate or explore parts of your campus you’ve never explored before. Have fun, and enjoy the time you have left!

As a senior myself, this year has been stressful. There’s no doubt about that, but we shouldn’t let senioritis be the reason behind the stress. Let’s go to class. Do our homework. Write down deadlines. Study for exams, and let’s have fun while doing it all.

We’ve gone through too much to let senioritis kick our butts now. We’ve got this! I’ll be seeing y’all bright eyed and bushy tailed come graduation day in May.


Featured Image: Special to the Jade Times