By Yari “Aselene” Mena, Staff Writer

Quizlet is a web-based application for studying that is used by over 20 million people. The application features flash cards, learning games, and testing features.

Many students have grown up on Quizlet. I was introduced to the app when I was in the sixth grade and have included it in my study routine through college. However, when I reached college, I was appalled that there were people who did not know about this wonderful study tool- let alone know how to use it in the most effective way.

Jarleen "Etérea" Dong studying for an exam.

Jarleen “Etérea” Dong studying for an exam.

Here are my personal study tips that have helped my friends and I not just get through exams, midterms, and finals, but ace them:

  • Creating the Quizlet (If you are using someone else’s set, skip to “Studying the Quizlet”)
    • Break down your sets. If you have multiple chapters being covered in a final exam, break it down by chapter or even sections in chapter. Having one large Quizlet set can be intimidating and can make you feel like you have to take on a monstrosity of knowledge. Breaking sets down makes them manageable, and it will be easier for you to track your progress.
    • Use detailed definitions. I include as much as the teacher said in class, especially things they emphasize and anything I found interesting.
    • If you are not too sure about a term before making it, ask a classmate or Google it.
    • Use images, if possible.
  • Studying the Quizlet
    • First, look over the terms in the flashcards setting
    • Go over all of them at least once, and be mindful about trying to define the term (or vice versa) before flipping to see the answer. Do not be discouraged if you do not remember some, this is why you are studying.
    • Second, go to the “Learn” setting:
      • Go through all the terms once. For the first round, Quizlet will give a “multiple choice” set up. It will help you recognize the names even if you can’t recall them.
      • After the first round, Quizlet will prompt you to type the answers in. Go over the whole set multiple times. You may not get them all right the first time you have to type them in, but do not move on from the set until you can get through it without missing a single one.
      • When you can get all (or 90 percent) of them right, do not stop! Keep reviewing until you can get them all right.
      • Once you are confident you’ve studied the material well, review more times with other features like games and tests on Quizlet.
  • Pro Tip: “Rewrite your notes after class, or create the Quizlet the day you take your notes,” one of my first-year professors in college said to me.  “And review, review, review. This is another way to break down into manageable sections (by info covered each class day).”

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