By Kristine “Sumitra” Aguilan, Staff Writer

On May 19, 2012, Midwest chapters, along with our first Northeast chapter, hosted the Silver Carpet Affair Midwest Formals, honoring our newest members to our great sisterhood of Delta Phi Lambda. This was one of the first formals, previously known as Installs, to be planned and hosted as a region, and not by any particular chapter – another fact that made this event especially important is the introduction of one of the newest chapters,  State University of New York at Albany. Although there were some stressors along the way, the turn out, the support, and the event made it a great success.

The Delta Phi Lambda neophytes of the 2011-2012 school year.

One of the newest members, Maya “Seraphi” Williams of Illinois State University, crossed into the sorority during the fall semester of 2011. Determined to get into the sisterhood spirit, she volunteered to become a co-coordinator representing her chapter as well as the chapter’s Philanthropy Chair and Panhellenic delegate.

When asked about her thoughts on how the Silver Carpet Affair turned out, Williams said: “Well, overall I loved it, even though the beginning was a little stressful – I organized registration with Tiffany [“Equarii”] Tran and designed the T-Shirts for the sisters.  I admit it was intimidating to register so many different faces, being new myself.”

So many sisters in attendance that not all of them could fit in this photo – what a successful event!

Several organizations also attended to show their support to our sisterhood, such as Chi Sigma Tau (CST), alpha Kappa Delta Phi (KDPhi), and Kappa Pi Beta (KPiB), to name a few.

“My brothers and I had a great time tonight – we are honored to have been able to share it with amazing women and we wish [Delta Phi Lambda] nothing but the best in the continued expansion,” , said Mike “Nos” Wong, recent alumnus of Northern Illinois University’s KPiB chapter.

With the neophytes and one of our newest chapters present, the Midwest Formals Committee did a wonderful job presenting our sisterhood’s love and support to them and to the community at-large – the world can see that we are growing strong and cannot be stopped.