By Ashanti “Accel” Henderson, Staff Writer

School is back in session, ladies! And you know what that means: so much to do and so little time to do it. Time is money, and as college students we have a limited supply of both, so here are some tips to help you make the most of your time.

Just Do It Now!
In other oh-so-cliche words, do not procrastinate. When you get an assignment, tackle it as soon as possible. Send that email as soon as you get back to your room. Waiting until the last minute creates a lot of unneeded stress. You will feel so much more in control of your time when you do things ahead of time.

Take time to think about what is really important before you act. Otherwise, you might end up expending energy on things that, in the long run, do not really matter and do not get you anywhere. Remember that you are in school to first and foremost get a college education. Consider the importance of sorority and work in your life, and let the other responsibilities fall into their proper places on your priority list.

Write Things Down.
Do yourself a favor and get a planner. You will save a bunch of time when you do not have to spend it remembering the things you are supposed to do. If you can see everything you have to do at once, you can accomplish multiple things in one go, i.e., consolidating errands.

Make Wise Decisions.
Often when you decide to do one thing, you are deciding not to do another. If you decide to go to a party the night before an exam, you could be sacrificing sleep and a good grade on the test. If you decide to put off homework to watch television, you might find that you have to miss a meeting in order to finish the homework the night before it is due. A word to the wise: decide what and who is really worth your time.

Get Real.
Be realistic about what you do and do not have time to do this semester. Realize that you are not, and do not, have to be superwoman (and that this does not make you any less of a dedicated female leader). While it is true you can do anything you put your mind to, you cannot do everything all at one time. That means, do not try to join every possible club or organization on campus. If you are taking more credit hours this semester or have an internship, maybe you should not join two new groups and be on executive board for both.

While we are being realistic, let’s face it: we all waste time. There is no way we can account for every second of our lives. Even if we prioritize, we will often still find ourselves in a time crunch at some point in the semester. Hopefully, these three Ds will help you out:

Ask yourself, “Do I really need to do that? Attend that meeting? Watch another episode of Scandal? Really?” If the answer is no, don’t do it. If the answer is yes, well…

This may seem like procrastination, but it’s not. It is micro-prioritizing! Just ask yourself “When is this due? Do I need to do this now? Will I regret it later if I don’t start this paper right now?”
If you can wait, put that task off until the next day and do something that has a more pressing deadline. Still at a loss for time?

Do you have to do it or can someone else? Group project? Let it be an actual group project in which you work as a team and hold each other accountable, not where you do everything yourself. If you are feeling overwhelmed, have a little faith and ask for help when you need it.

What happens when YOU HAVE TO do something right NOW? Stay calm and remember that done is better than perfect (and that you have sisters who will gladly help you out).


Featured Image: Special to The Jade Times