By Kristine “Aster” Medina, Assistant Editor

UD2Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. was chartered by the “Sedulous Six” at the University of Delaware on April 5, 2015.

The “Sedulous Six” include Yvonne “Synergia” Ni, Joyce “hii*jack” Chan, Eileen “Avariella” Ni, Kaitlyn “Empyreal” Duong, Anna “N*vious” Huang and Baely “N.R.G” Gulbins. These collegiate women were educated by Elizabeth “Karma” Thai, affiliate member educator, and Jennifer “Parallyx” Le, assistant affiliate member educator.

“The Delaware charters are very practical yet accommodating,” Le said. “Having both is a rare mix within a leader. With the mixture of both characteristics, they display their capabilities to produce solutions.”

Le said that individual sisters who are active in various campus organizations may find challenges in producing practical solutions. The charters are dedicated to academic excellence and spreading Asian awareness thru involvement with Delaware’s Asian Student Association. She advises the charters to continue forming a balance and an optimistic view for the future.

“Every chapter operation, task and assignment has a serious tone,” Le said. “However, bringing a positive and desiring attitude is the direction that University of Delaware should aim in bettering the sisterhood on their campus. In everything that they do from now on, it should feel wanted.”

An interest group was created at Delaware through the sorority’s expansion committee efforts in fall 2014, and this spring, the charters began the process into the Everlasting Sisterhood.

Delta Phi Lambda is the first Asian-interest sorority to be established at Delaware. Delaware is also the seventeenth chapter of Delta Phi Lambda and the second expansion in the northeastern region of the United States, neighboring the University at Albany chapter.

The following reveal video was released on April 10, five days after Delaware’s chapter was established:

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