By Gaoli “Chamomile” Moua, Staff Writer
This side of the earth is warming up and whether or not you already have plans to travel during the
summer, chance may draw you away from home to bask away under the blazing sun. However, a relaxing weekend getaway does not mean letting your guard down completely.

Safety should always be priority when traveling, even when you are at home — but especially
when you are away from home. It is usually the most simple safety tips that will save travelers. Here are
some safety tips to remember when you are going away:

1. Check the weather forecast of your destination and pack accordingly and lightly. Try to bring versatile pieces of clothing so you don’t end up lugging multiple heavy bags. Always leave room for souvenirs and other
pieces of clothing you may purchase during your trip. Packing lightly will also allow you to have a free hand when you’re in transition in airports and other transportation modes to handle important money and documents.

2. Bring only necessary important documents, credit cards and money and keep them close to your body. Personal cellular phones often are loaded with sensitive information, so put a lock on your phone or rename some of your contacts just in case you misplace it.

3. Try to arrive at your destination during the day, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area. Arriving when the sun is still up will allowyou to be more aware of the new surroundings and will let you scope out the area.

4. Have someone you can check in with every couple of hours. Whether it is your mom, a friend or the receptionist at your hotel, checking in with someone will alert others if you might be in trouble.

5. Stay where there is traffic. Well-trafficked areas like streets and shopping areas are safer than quiet, residential areas you are unfamiliar with.

6. Study the area and find the appropriate names and directions before setting off to your destination to avoid looking like a lost tourist. Tourists are most frequently the victims of scams.

7. Avoid wearing jewelry, but a wedding ring or band is encouraged to avoid attention from men. Shiny necklaces and bracelets could cause injury if it is yanked.

8. Blend in and dress like the locals when necessary. If you are going to a more conservative place, don’t unintentionally seek attention by wearing tight or revealing clothing.

9. Don’t stop and try to help someone if you are alone in a secluded area or driving by yourself. Instead, go find help and come back when you find people who are authorized or assist in helping.

10. The most simple and important thing you should remember is to look and act confident. Use your common
sense, be alert and walk like you know where you’re going. This will make you less likely become a victim, period.