By Amy “Ancaria” Li, Staff Writer

People use the term “integrity” often, but the term is rarely understood or clearly defined.

Integrity is defined as the consistency of actions, values, methods, principles and outcome. Based on this definition of integrity, I would say that integrity is not an easy virtue to adhere to. Because integrity focuses on the consistency of always maintaining good stance in everything that one does, it is one of the more important virtues for the sisters at Emory University.

When times get stressful and sisters have a never-ending amount of accumulated work, it is easy to slack off and not be consistent. Sisters cannot set a good example if they only commit to something half-heartedly, or only commit to something when it is convenient.

Integrity is a must-have for sisters in order to set a good example for others.

When things got tough, sisters at Emory University stepped back and reminded themselves that the road of integrity will always have more benefit in the long run.