By Amy “Ancaria” Li, Staff Writer

Yoojin Chun

Academic excellence is one of the hardest of the seven virtues of Delta Phi Lambda to maintain. With the stress of college life, the endless requirements of extracurriculars and the responsibilities of the sorority, good grades can become something unattainable for most sisters. However, Yoojin ‘Moxie’ Chun is a sister who has shown that academic excellence does not need to be compromised for the sake of extracurricular activities.

As a student on the pre-medical track and an executive member of Emory Chapter’s Delta Phi Lambda, she managed to earn a GPA of 4.0 last semester. She manages her time very efficiently so that not only does she devote herself fully to the requirements of college life, but she also makes time to spend with her sisters. She focuses all her efforts on her studies, but never lets stress rule her life.