By: Alexandria “Wisteria” Prejido, Staff Writer

Everyone experiences stress at some point. Large amounts of stress can often lead to unhealthy eating or physical and mental illnesses. Such problems interfere with the pace of our daily living. Making a new year’s resolution to reduce stress is a good start to a brand new year. Here are three simple ways to reduce stress. Exercise is a great way to lessen the load off your shoulders. It trains your mind to think of the physical workout at hand instead of a conflict or trouble. Not only does it keep your mind occupied, but it will help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight and get in shape. Finding a hobby is also a good stress reliever. Hobbies such as art and music are a wonderful getaway from the stress life throws at you. It gives you the opportunity to express your inner emotions and frustration. You will feel much better after expressing what you feel because you will not be weighed down with bottled up issues and frustrations.

Lastly, a simple outing with friends, especially sisters, is always a fun and relaxing way to lessen stress. Spending time with your close group of friends and sisters would keep your mind off the stressors and shift your focus to the positives in your life. When stressed, people often have the tendency to not only focus on the problem at hand, but also bring themselves down, even blaming themselves. Seeing your favorite group of people would not only keep your mind off the burden, but also give you an opportunity to vent, which may create a more positive perspective in looking at the problem. Being able to discuss an issue with a close confidant may make you realize the problem is not as bad as it seemed. Reducing stress will most likely make your year more positive and brighter. Be in control of your stress, instead of having stress control you.