Sydnie ’V0RTEX’ Schneider, Contributing Writer

As the sunny days of summer trips, employment, summer school or lounging around come to a close, it’s that time again to commence recruitment!

During convention, Elizabeth Thai spoke to attendees about how to maximize recruitment time to ensure a good turnover. Thai shared ‘8 steps to limitless possibility’ that members can use to build a healthy, self-sustaining, values-based organization that will achieve great success.

The first and most important advice Thai stressed was to know your basics. During recruitment, always keep in mind the purpose, the mission and the values of Delta Phi Lambda and seek prospective new members who will uphold and embody DFL beliefs.

Keep in mind when you are looking for new members that, as the recruiter, you need to understand and to sell the organization, to be aware of who your audience is and to help motivate others in your chapter get involved in the recruitment process. Passion is contagious and when others see how dedicated you are to your organization, they will be more likely to come out and see what it can offer them.

Recruitment is our chance, to not only build relationships, but also maybe even find a new sister!