By Savitre “Rapture” Schaefferkoetter, Staff Writer

Sisters, how was your 2015?  I hope it was worthwhile. I didn’t know what this year was going to hold for me.  The surprises turned out to be very pleasant.  Here, I will re-hatch the highlight reel of my year!

Rapture_My2015_image01I got married! Something that seemed far and distant and perhaps impossible once, happened!  It’s been almost nine months for me. I think for sure, some things are not transparent until they happen to you.  I can tell you, I experienced love at first sight and realized I wanted to marry someone.  That someone is my Justin, my husband.

I successfully refinanced our house.  Financial woes had bothered me for quite some time and overcame my thoughts. I was rejected for previous debt settlement applications twice this year before finally getting approved.  Now, our ducks are all in a row.

I became a staff writer for the Jade Times! Not only that, but I became a regularly published writer.  My lifelong dream came true. I also reignited my passion in the sorority- learning to express it in my own way and learning all the milestones that our organization has established.

I’ve reignited my love for creativity. I sing more, I draw more, and I try different things with my hair.  I’m sharing my passions more by communication and by social media. With creativity came a new found confidence I had never felt before. This year, I learned to fully embrace my personal style and wear it proudly every day without second thought. “Will people get it?” and “should I bother dressing like this today?” are questions I don’t ask myself anymore. In the end, I choose self-confidence.

Rapture_My2015_image02I learned how to open my heart. We had a roommate this summer, one of my little sisters, Aura Reyes. I had come to think that maybe I could not live with another girl. I did not imagine that girl would be my sorority sister either. I was wrong. It went well, and we influenced each other so much!  We also created a secret call, secret words, and other memories.  I also learned, given a group of people, some may disappoint, but that doesn’t poison the well. I learned to forgive a group that I may have formerly doubted and put my trust in individuals that are part of it but stand out.

I learned, more than ever, the value of self care.  I checked in with myself to see if I needed to apply self care techniques I had learned in the past. I established boundaries where needed. I learned to choose battles. I learned to say this isn’t for me. I also tried new things to help myself.

I embraced it all. Sisters, what did you do in 2015? Did you get to accomplish what you wanted? Do you know what you want? I hope it was as great as you wanted it to be.


Featured & Article Images: Special to The Jade Times